Leven Canyon
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Adopt-A-Chair Antique Store
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Milton Farm
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The family friendly Buttons Beach at Ulverstone.
Cruising down the Leven River
The family friendly Buttons Beach at Ulverstone.


Find family-friendly beaches, unique shops and fairy penguins on the north coast




Cruising down the Level river - Tasmania, AustraliaThe Leven River roars into the Bass Street at Ulverstone on Tasmania's northern coast. This beautiful town is situated right on the scenic Bass Highway in between Devonport and Penguin. Ulverstone is one of the larger towns in the municipality of the Central Coast Council. Other towns in the Council include Penguin, Tumers Beach, Leith, Gawler and Forth. Image credit: Leven River Cruises

Getting There

Ulverstone is a pleasant 15-minute drive west of Devonport. It's more than 300 kilometers to Hobart which would take you 3.5 hours by car. Launceston is a bit closer at 120 kilometers. That drive would take you close to 1.5 hours.

Ulverstone's Family-Friendly Vibe

This seaside town offers up plenty of beautiful swimming beaches. There are also abundant coastal paths and picnic spots with stunning views for the whole family. And you'll be able to oggle some of Tasmania's most beautiful birds in Ulverstone.

In town, you'll find an endearingly quirky garden maze on Maud Street. You get breathtaking views of the town and its coast from this zigzagging garden. It's especially pleasant when river cruises are coming back to town from the Leven River.

What Ulverstone Has To Offer

Ulverstone started as an agricultural town and that tradition persists today. The Ulverstone History Museum brings you back in time with artifacts from Tasmania's earliest settlers.

And this coastal town has a welcoming family atmosphere. That's never more evident than at Ulverstone's town waterslide. You'll also find plenty of families enjoying the beautiful sandy beaches on each side of town. You and yours will be able to enjoy a beach picnic as cyclists and walkers take advantage of Ulverstone's well-marked walking tracks. Image credit: Jason FutrillCyclists on Ocean Beach, Tasmania, Australia

Head on into town after a day on the beach to enjoy Ulverstone's incredible restaurants and shops. You'll find insanely good coffee in restaurants and cafés that serve fresh, seasonal produce. You'll also be able to wander galleries and pick up a unique souvenir from one of Ulverstone's quirky craft stores.

Families, Coastal Travellers and Shoppers

Ulverstone is a large town full of amenities which make it incredibly comfortable for families. Everyone in the family will find something that they love in this coastal paradise. From the long sandy beaches to the challenging bicycle tracks, Ulverstone caters to the adventurers and the leisure seekers. And you're always within walking distance to a great store, restaurant, café or hotel.

Tasmania's beautiful northern coast calls out to many. That's why the state government built the scenic Bass Highway which is covered in gardens and features views of the stunning Bass Strait. This breathtaking Highway cuts right through the town of Ulverstone, so you're likely to meet travelers taking a holiday ride.

Tasmania's northern coast is known for its makers and artisans. These creative people have flocked to the scenery of the Bass Strait and infuse their creations with its inspiration. Souvenir seekers descend on Ulverstone for its incredibly quaint and unique shops.

Ulverstone Accommodations

Everyone wants to stay on the water. That's why you'll find a handful of holiday houses, beachside B&Bs, hotels and motels near the ocean's edge. You'll also find two oceanside caravan parks for travellers of the Bass Highway.

Activities and Things To Do And See

The Ulverstone Local History Museum can be found at 50 Main Street and is open daily. You'll find artifacts from bygone times including pieces from a blacksmith, wheelwright, photographer and bootmaker. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Adrian CookBlacksmith Shop - West Coast Heritage Centre, Tasmania, Australia

The James Fenton's First House marks the location of Ulverstone's first European settlement. You'll find it just steps away from the close side of the Forth River Bridge. All that's left of this first house is a cairn, but you can really feel the history.

You'll find a whimsical fountain in the Riverside Anzac Park at the banks of the Leven River. It's a beautiful place to watch the Riverside cruises come back into town. The kids will be able to play on a space playground full of rocket ships as you picnic nearby, and you can marvel at a lone pine tree that was grown from seeds taken from Loan Pine Ridge at Gallipoli.

You'll find two old timber houses on the eastern side of town. Westallah and Lonah were built in the late 1800s and feature beautiful architecture and steep gabled roofs.

What to Eat

You'll find incredibly fresh seafood in this coastal town. Most of the restaurants, cafés and pubs are in the heart Ulverstone and near the water. You'll also be able to find some incredibly scrumptious ethnic foods.


Ulverstone was once known as The Leven after the nearby river. The settlement was slow in the 19th century as other nearby towns blossomed. But rail tracks were laid through town in 1890 and that led to an explosion of immigrants. And Ulverstone has its place in Tasmanian history. Dame Edith Lyons, the first woman to serve in the Australian House of Representatives, was born here. She was also the first woman to be an Australian Cabinet Minister.

Environment and Climate

Ulverstone has a mild, warm and temperate climate. While the temperature may always be pleasant, you're likely to experience rain in Ulverstone. It rains more in winter than it does in summer.

Local Tips

Ulverstone is a hidden gem for antique hunters. You are also likely to find rare antique books in town.

Lillico Beach is the perfect place to watch penguins come back in from the Bass Strait. These tiny penguins go out to hunt during the day and come back in formations called rafts at dusk. Stay quiet to watch them come back to their beachside abodes.

What's Nearby

Gunn Plains Caves are just 23 kilometers from town. The entrance to the cave was discovered when a clumsy possum fell through a hole in the ground. Now the caves are a popular tourist destination and are open daily. The inside of the caves maintains a constant 11°C temperature.

Leven Canyon, Tasmania, Australia

Leven Canyon is 250 meters deep. It is an all-day walk through the gorge, but you can take advantage of other pleasant nature walks, picnic areas and barbecue facilities. This popular tourist destination is only 42 kilometers from town. Image credit: Tourism Tasmania & Brian Dullaghan

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