Remarkable Cave is located on the southern coastline of Tasman peninsula some 12 km south of Port Arthur. The cave is a tunnel carved through the sheer rock face by the erosion of the Southern Ocean.
Image thanks to: Paul Fleming
Remarkable Cave
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Remarkable Cave

True to its Name


Remarkable Cave

Visitors to the Tasman Peninsula and nearby Port Arthur should consider deeply exploring the region and take in the views offered at the aptly named Remarkable Cave. The cave itself is a long tunnel eroded from the base of a collapsed gully. It is in a beautiful and dramatic spot, situated under a cliff on the water’s edge.

A viewing platform at the bottom of 115 steps offer a tremendous view of the opening, which has been compared to the shape of Tasmania itself. The unique shape of the cave was formed in the sandstone cliff by the collapse of the cave wall. Huge boulders from this collapse remain near the viewing platform. The cave has two entrances on the seaward side and can be explored at low tide.

Remarkable Cave, Tasmania, AustraliaWaves will crash through the tunnel and draw in surfers looking for a challenge, and avid surfers frequent the spot hoping to catch waves on the offshore reefs from outside the cave’s opening. They’ll often bide their time in the car park waiting for the right moment.

For visitors looking for something a bit less challenging, there are several walks available that can be a relaxing way to take in the sights and offer an appealing alternative. From the car park visitors can follow the coast east to Maingon Blowhole (1 hr return) or go further to Mt. Brown (4 hr return). Secluded Crescent Bay (4 hr return) is another option to take from the cave that will appeal to visitors wishing to soak in the local views. Image Credit: Paul Fleming

Location and Information

The Remarkable Cave is located about 7.5 km south of Port Arthur Historic Site on Safety Cove Road. Look for a sign stating “Remarkable Cave” along Nubeena Road as you head west from Port Arthur. It is approximately a 1 hr 30 min drive from Hobart.  Toilets and a car park are available on site.

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