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King William Saddle

Enjoy Uninterrupted Views of Towering Dolerite Peaks


King William Saddle

Location: Derwent Bridge
Distance from: Hobart - 190 km, Launceston - 186 km, Devonport - 193 km

Drive 10 minutes west out of the quaint town of Derwent Bridge on the Lyell Highway and you'll run into the King William Saddle Overlook. It's simply a pull-off from the highway with no facilities, but it's a great place to stretch your legs on a ride through the highlands of Tasmania. You'll get uninterrupted views of towering 1,000-metre dolerite peaks erupting out of button grass plains all around.

The King William Saddle is a great place to stop if you're driving east from Queenstown and Strahan. You'll ascend through dense forest to burst out onto the high plains of central Tassie and the saddle gives you great views of the new landscape. It's also a great way to say goodbye to the highlands on your way to the thick vegetation of the west coast.

You'll be delighted to know that the King William Range mountains are almost as tall as the more famous Cradle Mountain. They also share the same geology, are snowcapped in the winter and feature a similar shape. Don't be afraid to stop at the lookout when the weather is poor. You'll may get better pics of Tasmania's most underrated mountains when storms are rolling through.

Getting There

King William Saddle is equidistant from all three of Tasmania's major cities. The drives from Hobart, Launceston and Devonport are all 3 hours over 190, 186 and 193 kilometres respectively.


Weather can change abruptly at altitude. Pack something warm that's good against precipitation to ensure you can enjoy the views.

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