Kettering is a quiet town on the shores of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and the departure point for the ferry to Bruny Island and its many attractions.
Image thanks to: Pete Harmsen
The Oyster Cove Inn is situated in Kettering, a small fishing village just 30 km south of Hobart, ma...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow
The Bruny Island Ferry, Mirambeena, departs from the seaside township of Kettering (35 minutes south...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania and Andrew Wilson
The Bruny Island Ferry, Mirambeena, departs from the seaside township of Kettering (35 minutes south...
Image thanks to: Tourism Tasmania and Andrew Wilson
Kettering is a quiet town on the shores of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and the departure point for t...
Image thanks to: Pete Harmsen


A quaint fishing village full of alternative lifestyle seekers just 30 minutes south of Hobart




Kettering is a scenic town with two jaw-dropping marinas on the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. This waterside town has impressive views of Bruny Island and is only a half-hour drive from Hobart CBD. Alternative lifestyle seekers make Kettering their home and it's also a popular living area for those commuting into Hobart. It's known for its impressive orchards, fishing and boating.

Getting There

Sitting 33 kilometers south of Hobart, Kettering offers commuters a rural hinterland feel. The town also serves as a beautiful pitstop for those travelling south to the Huon River Region. Launceston is more than 3 hours to the north and Devonport is 4 hours to the northwest.

Marinas, Orchards and Bruny Island Views

Mirambeena (Bruny Island Ferry) departing Kettering, Tasmania, AustraliaThe laid-back lifestyle of this rural hinterland is popular among alternative lifestyle seekers, artists and sailors. And you'll find plenty of friendly locals down at the pub near the ferry terminal ready to share a story about their latest art project or ocean adventure. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Andrew Wilson


Kettering Highlights

Kettering offers breathtaking views of the channel and Bruny Island. Take a short and easy 10-minute walk to Kettering point to get the best views. You'll be able to look up and down the channel, and you'll have front row seats to the famous island beyond.

Mirambeena (Bruny Island Ferry) at the Bruny Island Ferry Terminal, Tasmania, AustraliaAnd you'll have to come through Kettering to access Bruny Island. The island ferry departs this intriguing and quaint little hamlet on the channel. Many love to come down to this town set among rolling hills for a short stay before visiting the island as a way to enhance their trip.

The hills around Kettering are incredibly lush and green. All around town, you will have opportunities to pick your own berries, cherries and apples. You can also find incredible boutique meat producers as well as award-winning cheesemakers. Kettering is quite a culinary experience. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Andrew Wilson

The Alternative Lifestyle Calls

You'll find plenty of commuters living among artists, craftsmen and makers in Kettering. They experience a daily "Sturm und Drang" with the rousing action of business in Hobart and the high emotionalism of the natural surrounds of Kettering. But you'll also find plenty of people trying to escape the hectic pace of modern life altogether.

The thundering natural surrounds of Kettering call to those who want a slower pace. The landscape serves as their muse as they work on their arts and crafts, and you can take advantage of this community of makers by purchasing some of their wares.

You'll also find plenty of couples in town for a romantic escape. Many love to snuggle up while having a pint at the local pub while looking out at the water before boarding a ferry to the island for a short adventure. And, of course, you'll find plenty of families coming down to the rolling hills of Kettering to pick fruit, adventure to the island and make friends with locals.

Kettering Accommodations

You won't find any large resorts in Kettering, and you'll only find one hotel, which has exceptional views. You can also hire a local retreat or holiday house.

Activities and Things To Do and See

Kettering,Tasmania - Tasmania, AustraliaThe Oyster Cove Inn was built back in the late 19th century. A wealthy Queensland grazier erected the property with breathtaking views over the Kettering Marina. Alfred Cotton, the man who built the hotel, would holiday down in Tasmania to escape the oppressive heat and humidity of his homeland. You can now take advantage of his extraordinary holiday house by staying at the Inn. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow


What to Eat

Kettering has two local cafés. You'll find one next to the ferry terminal and the other halfway down the Ferry Road. The famous Oyster Cove Inn has a restaurant with excellent views over the water and beyond. And once you fill up, head to a local chocolatier for dessert.


This area of Tasmania was first explored by Bruni D'Entrecasteaux in 1972. It wouldn't be settled until the early 19th century when timber workers, whalers and sealers found Kettering convenient. Although life was hard in the southern reaches of Tasmania, many of the settlers preferred living on the water as opposed to Hobart Town.

And it was just north of town where the last aboriginal settlement was established in the mid-19th century. Aborigines were rounded up all over the island and sent to the Kettering area. The last aboriginal in the area perished in 1876, but her ashes were not spread down the channel until 100 years later.

Now Kettering is an important fishing village in the area. It's also in an incredibly rich farmland area that produces apples, cherries, pears and other fruits. Scores of tourists come through Kettering year round and it is a popular destination for alternative lifestyle seekers.

Environment and Climate

Kettering features four distinct seasons. This means you can visit the area throughout the year and you'll get a different feel every time. The temperate oceanic climate ensures that the temperatures never get too high in summer or too low in winter. The moderate climate ensures that very little snowfall touches the ground, but watch out for rain. It can happen any time of year.

Local Tips

The Nutpatch Nougat stand can be found on the highway on your way into town. It offers up some of the best chocolate in Tasmania.

Boutique vineyards surround Kettering. If you're travelling south for a romantic escape, make sure to visit one or two on your journey.

What's Nearby

The Woodbridge Marine Discovery Center has a special design for schoolkids. It has uniquely equipped teaching areas, a marine pond, touching tanks, an aquarium room and plenty of unique marine species. You can even check out the center's own research vessel that explores the waters of the channel.

The Channel Heritage Center is on the Channel Highway in Margate. It explores the history of the channel area and its

surrounding towns. It specifically focuses on the early settlers of the area including timber cutters, pit-sawyers, road builders and farmers.

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