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This Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet uses a cut through from Dunalley to Buckland to get you off the beaten track.

 If you stay on the main A9 Arthur Highway and A3 Tasman Highway by backtracking to Sorell, it will take about 45 minutes longer.

Add to this the chance to drive through some real backroads and you have a full day of poking around in the nooks and crannies of Tasmania.

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Overview  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
The East Coast of Tasmania is on the rain shadow side of the island. You are likely to get 6 out of 7 rain free, sunny days between October and April.

From Eaglehawk Neck, the route turns off the main A9 Arthur Highway and discovers the area around Bream Creek and Marion Bay. Take a walk on Marion Bay and wonder where all the people are at any time of year.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Beaches

After cutting through the Nugent – Kellevie backroad, rejoin the A3 Tasman Highway just east of Buckland. After visiting Buckland, head out to the coast again at Orford. Then it is due north up the coast to Swansea. The road curves inland after Swansea.

You turn off to the right onto Coles Bay Road and head past Moulting Bay Lagoon and into Coles Bay. Coles Bay is the township at the entrance to Freycinet National Park.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Marion Bay

Backroads cut through to Buckland  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
Instead of following the main roads back through Sorell in a big loop, cut through the Nugent – Kellevie road at Copping. You will wonder where all the cars are, and will not see much traffic.

The road is not well maintained, but it is passable in regular rental or private cars without any trouble. It will save you about 45 minutes and show you some interesting aspects of rural Tasmania.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Buckland Church

Buckland Church  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
When the Nugent – Kellevie Road joins the A3 Tasman Highway to the east of Buckland, turn left and head the 2 kilometres back into the village.

This is a good point to get refreshments at the roadhouse, but also an opportunity to look at one of the oldest colonial churches in Tasmania, St John the Baptist. Of particular interest is the stained glass behind the alter. The church was built in 1845, though the stained glass dates from the 13th Century. It was transported to Tasmania and installed in the church.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Triabunna Fishing Boats

Orford and Triabunna  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
You will drive into Orford following the Prosser River, then cross the bridge, and follow the A3 Tasman Highway north through Triabunna. After Little Swanport, the road hugs the coast all the way to Swansea.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania East Coast Panorama

Scenic Coastlines and Spiky Bridge  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
The coastline is wonderful as you drive north. Watch for the Spiky Bridge just south of Swansea. Spiky Bridge is an unusual convict built bridge that is part of the Spiky Bridge Conservation Area. It is well described on the display boards at the Site.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Freycinet Marine Farm

Moulting Bay Lagoon & Freycinet Marine Farm  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
After you turn off the A3 Tasman Highway and drop down the long hill along Coles Bay Road, you will see Mountilng Bay Lagoon on your right. The Oyster Farm is worth a visit – watch for the sign on your right. They take tours and will show you how aquaculture works in this part of Tasmania. They also sell fresh seafood rolls – bread rolls stuffed with their own and locally caught seafood.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Freycinet Lodge View

Hotels Near Freycinet  |  Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet
Coles Bay and Freycinet are very popular places for Tasmanians to take their holidays. If you are arriving any time December to March, you are very wise to book your accommodation in advance.

Drive Map Port Arthur to Freycinet Tasmania Wineglass Bay