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Tasmania is a wonderful place to explore at your own pace.

It has a huge advantage over Mainland Australia in that the distance between different environments is relatively small.

My Tasmania Travel Itineraries are based on real time and distance. I am allowing enough time to do everything, but not keeping you in a place longer than necessary.

We have a team of local specialists that can design and book you the perfect Tasmanian holiday.


Tasmania Travel Itineraries Fossil Bay Maria Island

Growing up in Tassie, we were able to go surfing on Saturday, and snow skiing on Sunday of the same weekend at certain times of the year, both within 50 Kms of Hobart.

Cold in the water, and the snow is not the same as Switzerland or New Zealand, but I am sure you get the point.

In Tasmania you can experience very different locations in a short driving distance.

The payoffs at the end of a short drive, or a relatively short walk (we are not talking a full scale hike, here, but rather a ramble of an hour or less) can be astounding – a waterfall, a spectacular alpine view, a rugged ocean vista, a view of convict history in stone buildings and historic villages.

Tasmania Travel Itineraries Richmond Bridge

You really do get a lot of bang for your holiday dollar in Tasmania.

This section of Tasmania.com will give you a wide range of touring discoveries to make under your own steam: either as:

– Day Drives from a single location (Hobart, Launceston, Freycinet, Stanley, etc.),

– Easy themed walks (beaches, rugged coastlines, pristine rainforest, lookouts, mountain vistas, etc.), or

– Single day self drive touring itineraries that will show you the best of Tasmania.

Tasmania Day Drive Itineraries  |  Tasmania Travel Itineraries

Day drive Itineraries are single day itineraries starting and ending in the same place. Clip them together to make a milti day holiday in Tasmania a reality.

You can hub out of a central location and return to overnight.

Tasmania Travel Itineraries Lake Seal Mt Field National Park

Tasmania Day Drive itineraries

Tasmania Short Walk Itineraries  |  Tasmania Travel Itineraries

Short Walk itineraries start and end in the same place.

Each one explores a different Tasmanian feature.

Tasmania Travel Itineraries Russell Falls Mt Field National Park

Tasmania Short Walk Itineraries

Tasmania Self Drive Itineraries  |  Tasmania Travel Itineraries

Self Drive itineraries are one day in length. they start at one overnight location and end at another.

Clip them together to design your own Tasmania Self Drive Holiday.

Tasmania Travel Itineraries Launceston Tamar Valley

Tasmania Self Drive Itineraries


More Information on Bicheno: > Bicheno, Tasmania – Wikipedia

We have a team of local specialists that can design and book you the perfect Tasmanian holiday.