Bruny Island and the d’Entrecasteaux Channel  |  Bruny Island Day Drive

My Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary takes us southeast from Hobart will show you an unusual, scenic part of Tasmania.

An island off the coast of an island – how different is that.


Just 30 minutes drive southeast of Hobart, the fact that Bruny Island can only be reached by car ferry makes it less frequently visited than a lot of other parts of Tasmania.

A visit to Bruny Island is a rare treat, and if you have the time in your Tasmanian itinerary to include it, you will have been over the road less traveled.  Map of Bruny Island

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Background  |  Bruny Island Day Drive

Bruny Island is very historic, and was one of the first parts of Tasmania to be explored by early seafarers. The Dutch were the first to arrive in 1642 when Abel Tasman sailed into Adventure Bay.

Captain William Bligh, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, also visited Bruny Island in 1788 and 1792. Bligh’s crew planted some apple trees where they landed at Adventure Bay, and the descendants of these trees are said to be there today.

Aboriginal tribes lived on the Island and across the Channel – their name for the Island was Alonnah Lunawanna.

The Aboriginal name lives on – two of the towns on Bruny Island are named Alonnah and Lunawanna.

Things To See on Bruny Island  |  Bruny Island Day Drive

Dennes Point and the entrance to the Derwent Estuary, the neck separating North and South Bruny, Adventure Bay, The Captain Bligh Museum, Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island Lighthouse.

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania Adventure Bay Beach

Bruny Island Day Drive Directions   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

Leave Hobart by driving north on Davey Street and take the A6 (Southern Outlet) road to Kingston and Huonville.

The Outlet will climb steeply up and over Mount Nelson, then run down the valley to Kingston.  At Kingston, take the B68 (Channel Highway) towards Margate, Snug and Kettering.

At Kettering, turn left down to the Marina. The Marina road dead ends into the ferry departure point.

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania Bruny Island Ferry

Bruny Island Ferry   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

Check the timetable for the Bruny Island Ferry to gauge your arrival time at Kettering.

In busy periods or at peak times, I suggest you get there early to get in the line, though 20 minutes before departure at any time is recommended.

The ferry takes about 20 minutes to reach Bruny Island and the waterway is very sheltered. No sea sickness pills needed.

Bruny Island Ferry Timetable  Bruny Island Ferry

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania Bruny Island Lighthouse

Shops and Lunch Places   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

There are shops on Bruny Island at Adventure Bay, Lunawanna and Alonnah, so you will be able to buy food and refreshments during the day.

The Bruny Island Hotel at Alonnah has a Bistro that operates all year, though with reduced hours over the winter (June – August).

The Bruny Island Hotel was once the most southerly hotel in Australia, but today that honour goes to the Far South Tavern at Southport, just over the D’Entrecasteaux Channel on the Tasmanian mainland.

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania Dennes Point View

Dennes Point   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

After getting off the ferry, follow the road inland and watch for the turnoff to the left to Barnes Bay and Dennes Point.

Drive the 20 minutes north to Dennes Point for views out over the mouth of the Derwent River where it meets Storm Bay.

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania Bruny Island Neck

The Neck at Adventure Bay   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

Retrace your route and follow the B66 (Bruny Island Main road) south to the narrow neck of land that joins north and south Bruny at Adventure Bay.

Watch for the turnout to the left going south for the chance to climb to the top of the dunes by way of a well made stairway / path to the viewing platform.

The views of Adventure Bay and back to Mount Wellington and Hobart are truly spectacular. To get a feel for the deserted cool temperate beaches of Tasmania, take a stroll on Adventure Bay Beach.

Solitude and scenery – you can really hear the sand blowing around.

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania Bligh Museum Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

After crossing to South Bruny, take the left hand turn to Adventure Bay, named after Captain Cook’s ship, the “HMS Adventure” which visited in 1777.

The Bruny Island Bligh Museum is well worth a visit. Head back to Alonnah (lunch at the Pub?) before following the Bruny Island main road until the sealed road ends at Lunawanna in a T-junction.

Cloudy Bay Lagoon & Bruny Island Lighthouse |  Bruny Island Day Drive

At the Lunawanna T-junction, the options are to turn right to drive to Cloudy Bay and on to the southern tip of Bruny Island and the Bruny Island Lighthouse, or left to cut back to Adventure Bay.

Turn right to drive down past Cloudy Bay Lagoon and Cloudy Bay to the lighthouse for spectacular sea views out over the wild Great Southern Ocean.

This is as far south as you are likely to get in Australia on a casual basis unless you decide to take a day drive to Cockle Creek, over the Channel on the Tasmanian mainland.

Bruny Island Day Drive Itinerary Tasmania d'Entrecasteaux Channel

Back to Hobart   |  Bruny Island Day Drive

From the far south of Bruny Island, allow about an hour to drive direct back to the ferry. If you miss the last ferry to the mainland, you are on Bruny for the night, so plan your time carefully.

BOOK WITH US is an official travel guide for Tasmania, our local team of Tasmania travel specialists can arrange and book your perfect holiday.



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