Table Cape Tulip Farm are growers and suppliers of quality flowering bulbs.
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Table Cape Tulip Farm are growers and suppliers of quality flowering bulbs.
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Bloomin' Tulips Festival

Revel in the Colours of Spring


Bloomin’ Tulips Festival

The charming town of Wynyard, along the northwest coast of Tasmania, is the setting again this year for the wonderful array of tulips of every variety. Activities surround the host of blooms to usher in the springtime and thousands come to town to enjoy the riot of colour along with food, drinks, music, special events, and parties to celebrate all there is to see and do.

What Is It?

Bloomin’ Tulips pays homage to the many varieties of tulips that sprout to welcome spring. Crafts, art, souvenirs, cooking sessions, and floral varieties such as orchids and the famed tulip upon which the festival is built are all highlights of the Bloomin’ Tulips Festival. During the festival, music, food, and attractions bring thousands of people to Wynyard in the spirit of community and appreciation of nature.

The program includes local talent, farm-fresh foods, children’s activities, and more scheduled over a 3-week period. There is a Colour

Fun 5K run, art and photography exhibits, barbecues, and even a tulip-themed cocktail party. Nearby, Table Cape Tulip Farm and the Foreshore Market welcome visitors to see how tulips are grown, and visitors can purchase a bunch to brighten their day. Special for kids are puppets, fanciful stilt walkers, face painters, and many interesting play areas, too. The main event wraps on a Saturday with a grand finale of fireworks that dress the sky over the Inglis River.

Who Does It Appeal To?

Everyone from gardeners to artists come to experience a multitude of sights and sounds. With loads of entertainment and visual stimulation on tap, it is ideal for anyone who loves the beauty of the outdoors, the feel of community, and the opportunity to sample great food, wine and spirits, while participating in song, sport or walking tours surrounded by the season’s finest in all colours of the spectrum.

When and Where?

The festival begins in September and carries forth for 3 weeks, to mid-October. The Bloomin’ Tulips main event is held on a Saturday in October at the Gutteridge Gardens, Goldie Street in Wynyard.

Getting There

Wynyard is about a 20-minute drive from Burnie. Buses depart the Burnie/Wynyard Airport every 60 minutes for the 45-minute ride to Gutteridge Gardens. Public transportation is also available from Hobart (4 hours) or Launceston (just over 2 hours).


Entry to Bloomin’ Tulips main venue is free, but tickets for individual special events, food and drink are sold separately. Bring a blanket or chair and get ready to savour the springtime.


The first Tulip Festival was held in 1991, when the press endowed Wynyard with the moniker of Tulip Town.

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