Important Covid-19 Travel Notice Customers:

In response to Conronavirus (COVID-19) the Tasmanian Government has declared a state of emergency for Tasmania and has announced that as of midnight 20 March 2020 all “non essential” interstate and international travellers to Tasmania will need to self-isolate for a period of 14 days.

The Tasmanian Government has initially set this policy to be in place until 1 May 2020, however, there is a distinct possibility that that date may be extended for a minimum of a few weeks to a maximum of several months.

We recommend that anyone planning on traveling to Tasmania for a holiday before 1 June 2020 reconsider their travel arrangements and contact us at for a credit toward future travel plans.

Tasmania is a spectacular island, and we can’t wait to share this magical place with you. But let’s do it at a time when we can all feel safe and secure that the crisis has well and truly passed.

We’ll be here for you. We promise!

The Team At

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