The Tassie Rush


The key to the Tasmanian rush is to not rush.  Meander. Soak up all the freshness.  The pureness that is Tasmania.

Just because it looks eenie, weenie in comparison to mainland Australia, don’t be fooled.  It takes more time to get around Tasmania than it looks.  

shutterstock_148782782Sure you can burn from Hobart to Launceston in a couple of hours but really what’ the point of that?  The thrill of Tasmania is what you’ll find over a slope or the next bend.  In parts, the winding, single lane roads take some concentration for hours at a time.  So taking a little tea and cake break off the beaten track offers a welcomed ‘stretch and shake’ pit stop.  

There are honey and gourmet sauce farms dotted throughout this nature rich island where you can titillate your tastebuds with tastings, aquaculture farms where you can pluck your lunch right out of the ocean, flower farms and open gardens that send your nose cilia into hysteria and deserted sand dunes for you to roll down and remind yourself that you’re no longer a malleable 6 year old.

Tassie has amusing topiary and old mining towns to drive through, rustic neighbourhoods serving up delicious coffee and fresh baked breads,  natural wonderlands with luscious, cascading waterfalls, fishing ponds and fresh produce farms to collect your own treats.  You can even watch the sun rise on one coast and watch it set on the other.

This Aussie triangular gem is a treasure trove of gifts. And it’s a gift itself that keeps on giving; The lush scenery expels fresh, crisp, clean air to give you a pure oxygen high as you motor along.


Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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