Tasmania is a Family Affair


People come to Tasmania for a variety of reasons. Some come because they hear of Mona or the amazing food scene, others come to walk the epic South Coast Track. However, many people don’t consider Tassie as a family tourist destination, when really, everyone should. There are so many amazing things to do in the Apple Isle with children from all ages. Here are my top 5 picks!

  1. Tahune Airwalk

dff985a714157648a5c9af906d7d2965Located just a short 40 minute drive from Hobart, nestled in beautiful cool temperate rainforest. Families can enjoy a range of activities at the now, privately owned, Tahune Airwalk.   The main attraction is the suspended walkway, 20-30 metres in the canopy of the trees, the walkway takes you on a journey over the Huon and Picton Rivers. There is a 24 metre long cantilver for those members of the family who aren’t scared of heights, as well as a couple of swinging bridges and a Cable Hang Glider for those who want an extra thrill. Entry prices are $58 for a family.

  1. UnZoo – Taranna

Unzoo is pushing boundaries by developing a zoo without cages. Over a ten year period, the family that owns Unzoo has slowly intergrated many native species into the Unzoo including echidnas, wallabies, possums and birds – all who can come and go from the zoo as they please.Unzoo Of course, as in nearly all conservation zoos in Tasmania, you can see the Tasmanian Devil. Unzoo are part of a recovery program, but the difference at Unzoo is that you can climb under the enclosure and pop up inside, contained within a plastic viewing bubble! The kids love it!

Entry prices are $79 for a family (2 adults and up to 4 children).

  1. The Tasmanian Museum

Since Mona appeared on the scene, Hobarts original and traditional museum sometimes gets overlooked. However, it has a number of refurbishments over the last few years and really offers a great day out for the family. It has an amazing Antarctic zone that is full of interactive exhibits, including a movie room and dozens of preserved animal and birds. The museum also has a great animal section with interesting information on the Tasmanian Tiger. My sons favourite part of the museum has always been the Tasmanian histoy section, with its model ships and convict artefacts.

Entry prices: Free

  1. Bruny Island

Bruny Island is easily accessible from the Tasmanian mainland via a short ferry trip from Kettering. The drive to kettering (30 minutes south of Hobart) is a beautiful drive in its own right. Bruny Island has become a real tourist drawcard over the last few years thanks to its wonderful offerings of gourmet produce and farmgate stalls. The whole family will enjoy the berry farm and the cheese and chocolate factories on offer, but there are lots of other things to enjoy. 150517CA_21981_Bruny_Island-Cape_Bruny_Lighthouse2_698pxThere are so many things to do and see on Bruny Island, that I recommend going for a weekend or even a couple of days. Some of my recommendations include:

  • Albino wallaby spotting at Adventure Bay
  • A surf or a walk along the spectacular Stormy Bay
  • Climb to the top of the lighthouse at Cape Bruny – the views are incredible
  • See the clifftops from the sea on a Bruny Island Cruise
  • Have the biggest chicken parmigana you have ever seen at the Alonnah hotel
  • A swim and a picnic at Adventure Bay
  • Spot penguins with the rangers on the “The Neck”
  • Explore one of many of the private bays and beaches around the island


  1. Bicheno

Bicheno is a fantastic little coastal town about 2.5 hours from Hobart on the East Coast. It is a popular place for locals to holiday due to its beautiful beaches and lazy, laid back feel. However there are many great things for visitors to see, do and eat. Take the kids to see the blowhole, travel down a little surburban street to the beach just before you get into town. Here, the oceans crash in from the sea and travels beneath the rock shelf and then explodes through the eroding rock forming a mini blowhold on the foreshore. If you are there when the swell is large, you better take your umbrella or stand well back! There are lots of well signed coastal walks in the same area so take some time to explore.

Bicheno is also well known for its penguin spotting! The best way to see them is to go on a tour with a guide, however there are a few places you can go on your own and see them too!   Want to see a devil? Bicheno has their own wildlife park called East Coast Natureworld they have a plethora of native animals to see. Or you can even go and see the Devils at night in an environment that is very close to how they would be found in the wild. Devils in the Dark is an award winning tourist attraction that everyone in the family will love.

Whatever it is your family loves to do, you will find it in Tasmania.


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