Livin’ Local La Vida in Launceston


It doesn’t take too long when you arrive in Launceston to figure out where to cop a squat.  For me it was in this groovy cafe mecca along Charles St.  By mecca, I refer to a handful of spots where you can get really, really good coffee, sit indoors or out, whatever you fancy, and where you can gaze out the windows and watch people and the world go by.


This little Parisian inspired spot brought me great joy especially because I could park my car within metres of where I parked myself.  Then the moment I reclined in my seat I was abuzz  just on the fine smells and sounds of freshly roasted coffee beans.  It was 12pm and breakfast was being served at Cafe Mondello.  Impressed much?  Oh yes I was!  In this lightbulb moment I realised I had landed in Launceston’s brunch hub.  My favourite time of the day!


Items on the menu’s at Elaia, Delicacy, Cafe Mondello, Aroma’s vary but they do include the everyday Sunday morning thankfuls like eggs on toast, classic bacon and eggs and smashed avo on toast.  Then there are some more adventurous plates such as lemon curd pancakes, Bedouin and Spanish eggs and raspberry waffles.  You’ll have to search out what place makes your tummy rumble by walking the block!

While I managed to meander my way to this part of town on a Tuesday afternoon and stand in a confused state for ten minutes as I pondered where to bunker down for an hour, I dare say if you’re visiting on the weekend there may be quite a wait to get a seat.

The locals have this entire block in lockdown.  Especially so, the two wheeler gangs that roll around these parts.  They’re best known as MAMIL’S (middle aged men in lycra) and they go mad for a cafe au lait after a few hours racking up the km’s.









By:  Hayley Chapman / Model: Bev Chapman



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