Distance Is No Geographical Disadvantage For Devil Adoption



We recently posted a the cutest video on our Facebook page of a very young Tassie Devil who was born at Devil Ark through their breeding program.  This insanely cute video caught the attention of Tom Lehman who lives in Los Angeles and couldn’t resist adopting one of his very own.

Out of all the cute and cuddly animals out there, why did you choose to adopt a Tassie Devil?

I decided to adopt a Tasmanian Devil as a birthday present for myself this year. They have always been one of my favorite animals and I wanted to be a part of the effort to help the conservation of the species and find a cure for the Facial Tumor Cancer that is decimating their population. Tasmania has always been a fascinating place to me, especially the wildlife. I studied up on the Tasmanian Tiger and the tragic loss of the species in the 30’s and would hate to lose the Tasmanian Devils, a species that is so important to the ecosystem of Tasmania.

Now you’ve not yet been to Tasmania right?

I have not been to Tasmania yet, but it’s a priority on my list of places to visit!

Have you ever met a real life devil?

I have only seen Devils in a zoo many years ago. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of Zoo’s and do not visit them often. I generally don’t believe in wild animal captivity with the exception of rescue sanctuaries, conservation efforts or national parks.

So you found out about Devil Ark through our post, who did you adopt and why?


Yes I found out about Devil Ark via a Facebook post from Tasmania.com.  I had been looking for a place to contribute to helping out Tasmanian Devils and after reading about Devil Ark decided it was where I wanted to adopt from. I chose a 2 year old named Scarlet. I know in the grand scheme of things I would have adopted any of them, but the idea of fundraising through adoption is a wonderful way to bring a sense of individual pride and a lot of fun to your donations. Scarlet’s personality and boisterous attitude won me over! Devil Ark made choosing your Devil a lot of fun by writing about their personalities and posting pictures and videos. On a serious note, it’s very important to me to be a part of programs that are on the front lines of conservation efforts for endangered species. The facial tumor cancer that is attacking this species is terrible and anything I can do to support finding a cure would make me very happy. I also support an Elephant Orphan in Kenya with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and it has been such a personally rewarding experience that I knew I wanted to search out another organization like Devil Ark to support and adopt from.

You Rock Tom!

The mission of Devil Ark is to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction by creating an insurance population of genetically diverse, healthy devils to mitigate the possible threat of extinction due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease.  To date, this has been and is a successful strategy and could be applied to other threatened species facing extinction.  


If you would like to adopt a Tasmanian Devil please go to http://www.devilark.org.au/how-you-can-help/adopt-a-devil


Images:  Devil Ark, Tom Lehman, Shutterstock.

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