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Strahan is at the end of the world, snugged away in the wilderness of Tasmania’s West Coast. Be sure to book your Strahan hotels before driving all the way over there.

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What to Look for in Strahan Hotels and Accommodation

None of the accommodation in Strahan is far from the Wharf Area and the Village on the waterfront. Strahan regularly books out, so reservations are advisable, especially in the high season months of December to March.

Strahan Hotels

Strahan Hotels Tasmania Strahan Village

Visit Strahan and experience
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Hotels in Strahan

Strahan was first settled as a port to provide access for the mining and forestry industries of the 19th Century.

It is the gateway to most of the West Coast Wilderness, and the home base for the Gordon River Cruise and the old Convict Station at Sarah Island.

The solid stone architecture of the area, evident in the refurbished cottages along the waterfront, is a response to the wild and unpredictable weather of the area.

There are very few places on the Planet that have not felt the impact of man on the environment. Being an Island, and in a remote corner of the world, you don’t get to Tasmania on the way to anywhere else, except Antarctica,

The centre of Australia’s Green Movement, Tasmania has wisely locked up over 35% of its surface in World Heritage Wilderness Areas or National Parks.

The true cool temperate wilderness of Tasmania has been beautifully preserved for the future. It is one of the few places left where city dwellers can feel the true meaning of a genuine wilderness area without having to hike days with their home on their back.

Tasmania is cool, green, wild and friendly. Strahan is in the centre of all this Wilderness.

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Recommended Strahan Hotels

Strahan Village  | Strahan Hotels.
Much of the good accommodation in Strahan is found in the Strahan Village, and it is possible to book accommodation in the self contained stone cottages bordering the wharf.

The updated motel on the hill immediately behind Strahan gives some of the best views of the town, but the waterfront accommodation is down at the foot of the hill, just metres from the water’s edge.

Strahan Hotels Tasmania Strahan Village Evening

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Compare Prices:  > Strahan Village

Ormiston House | Strahan Hotels.

More upscale B&B style accommodation can be found right on the Esplanade. One unique accommodation worth a look is Ormiston House, a 5 Star property of five well appointed rooms situated right in the centre of things.

We do stress again that it is best to book your accommodation before driving to Strahan.

Strahan Hotels Tasmania Ormiston House

Compare Prices:  > Ormiston House

Franklin Manor | Strahan Hotels.
Franklin Manor is a delightfully appointed, casual boutique hotel on the Esplanade, about 1 kilometre (just over half a mile) from the centre of Strahan, and looking over Risby Cove back to the village.

Strahan Hotels Tasmania Franklin Manor

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Risby Cove | Strahan Hotels.
About 200 metres from the Strahan Village, and enjoying absolute water frontage, Risby Cove is a great accommodation.

Near enough to the Village to walk, but just out of the middle of things, it has an on-site restaurant and enjoys great views back across the township and the Harbour.

Strahan Hotels Tasmania Risby Cove

Compare Prices: > Risby Cove

Budget Strahan Hotels and Accommodation.

Strahan Holiday Park Cabins, situated a short walk away from the main wharf area.

Another budget cabin style accommodation is the Driftwood Strahan Villas, located a short drive from the main attractions and the Gordon River Cruise departure point.

Strahan Hotels Tasmania Driftwood Villas

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Nearby Hotels  in Queenstown.
If you are unlucky enough not to find accommodation in Strahan, the next best option is Queenstown, about one hour’s drive inland.

A full range of budget hotels and motels is available in Queenstown and are worth a look if you are price shopping.

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Strahan Hotels Tasmania Strahan Village View


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