Port Arthur Historical Tour

Looking for the day tour with the most time at the Port Arthur Historic Site? Our Port Arthur Historical Tour is the best day tour to visit Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck.

 Port Arthur
Historical Tour

Port Arthur Historical Tour Tasmania

Tasmania’s Convict Heritage is at the Port Arthur. Most time at the Historic Site on this day tour

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Port Arthur Tour from Hobart

Convict Heritage and Port Arthur
Port Arthur Historical Tour

The Port Arthur Historic Site is like a huge, open air museum.

Only the worst of the worst were sent to Port Arthur, and it was a place of despair and misery for its inmates.

The restored and preserved Port Arthur Historic site tells the story of Australia’s and Tasmania’s founding through an authentic presentation of the Convict System.

This is the real thing, not a re-creation. Port Arthur Historic site is an authentic restoration of much of the history of the mid 1800’s, and explains Australia’s Convict Heritage, and Tasmania’s part in it, in easy to understand terms.

A Full Day of Sightseeing  |  Port Arthur Historical Tour

Not only was it remote, Port Arthur was situated in one of the most scenic areas of Tasmania. An hour from Hobart, the seascapes of the Tasman Peninsula are the most dramatic in Australia.

This is where the Great Southern Ocean makes landfall and the contrasts between cliffs and the sea are spectacular. Visit the incredible (yes, truly incredible) coastal formations of the Blowhole, Tasman Arch and the Devil’s Kitchen to experience clifftop walking at its very best.

Port Arthur Historical Tour Tasmania Port Arthur Historic Site Church

Eaglehawk Neck and the Tasman Peninsula
Port Arthur Historical Tour

The Most Time to Appreciate Port Arthur  |  Guided Walking Tour of the Historic Site  |  Access to over 30 Historic Buildings  |  Cruise on Carnarvon Bay  | The Isle of the Dead  |   The Blowhole at Eaglehawk Neck  |  Tasman Arch  |  The Devil’s Kitchen and Spectacular Clifftops  |  Professional Guide

Port Arthur Historical Tour Tasmania Pirates Bay Eaglehawk Neck

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