Cradle Mountain Day Tour From Launceston

Our Cradle Mountain day tour is a 9 hour return trip from Launceston. Visit Cradle Mountain National Park from Launceston in just one day.

This is the ideal day tour for singles or couples. See it all in complete safety.

 Cradle Mountain
Day Tour

Cradle Mountain Day Tour Tasmania

If you only have a day to visit Cradle Mountain, you can do it from Launceston

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Farmlands, Wildlife
and Wilderness
Cradle Mountain Day Tour

The farmlands of the northeast rise to the mountains at the gates of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park – a scenic mountain on the edge of the Wilderness.

Visit quaint country towns including Hagley, Westbury and Deloraine. See Sheffield, the “Town of Murals”.

On arrival at the Visitors Centre, learn about the wilderness and join the shuttle from the gates of the National Park to Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain itself.

Cradle Mountain gives you the chance to walk in the Tasmanian Wilderness and to experience a unique environment. Walk through the fern glades, hike around Dove Lake and, if you are lucky, see wallabies, wombats, quolls and other wildlife in the wild. The air is clean, the water pure, and the facilities at the Visitor Centre excellent. Make it a day to remember.

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