Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour

Our afternoon Tamar Valley tour gets you out of Launceston to Evandale, and up the Tamar Valley. Fruit Farms, Grindlewald and wine tasting in a 4 hour afternoon.

Tamar Valley Tour

Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour Tasmania

Explore Launceston,
Taste Wine in the Tamar Valley
and Visit Evandale.

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Launceston Afternoon
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Afternoon Evandale and Tamar Valley
Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour

Launceston is at the inland end of the Tamar Valley Estuary, about 50 Kms (30 mi) from Bass Strait, the water that separates Tasmania from Mainland Australia.

The Tamar Valley was one of the earliest settled areas in Australia, being established just after Sydney and Hobart in the early 1800’s. It has become a major centre for Tasmania’s wine industry, and produces some extremely fine cool temperate red and white wines from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

Take the opportunity to call in on a local winery for wine tasting. Fruit and cheese is also produced in the valley, while a small quantity of gold is still produced at the Beaconsfield Mine at the northern end.

A famous Bushranger (outlaw), Matthew Brady, terrorised settlers after he escaped from Sarah Island, near Strahan, in 1824 and robbed settlers in the Tamar and throughout Tasmania until he was captured and hanged in 1826.  Known as the “Gentleman Bushranger”, Brady was always polite when robbing his victims.

He used a lookout in the Tamar Valley to watch out for the police – you will visit Brady’s Lookout to enjoy the same views.

Evandale, Grindlewald and Wine Tasting  |  Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour

Evandale lies to the south of the city. This historic village is marvelously preserved and gives you the chance to walk historic streets, have a drink at the local pub, or to visit Brown’s General Store on the Main Street. It is like stepping back in time to the villages of the early Tasmanian colonies.

Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour Tasmania Evandale Street

The Tamar Valley stretches north from Launceston, and contains Grindlewald – A re-created Swiss Village, Brady’s Lookout and the fine wine producing areas,

Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour Tasmania Tamar Valley Vineyards

The Beaconsfield Gold Mine is still producing the yellow metal. Visit the Mine Interpretation Centre for a look at how it’s done.

Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour Tasmania Beaconsfield Gold Mine

What is Included  |  Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour

4 hours around Launceston, Evandale and the Tamar Valley  |  Hotel Pickup  | English Speaking Guide  |  City of Launceston Downtown  |  Tamar Valley Scenery  |  Grindlewald Swiss Village  |  Tamar Islands Wetlands  |  Brady’s Lookout  |  Beaconsfield Gold Mine  |  The Georgian Village of Evandale  |  Wine Tasting Included

Afternoon Tamar Valley Tour Tasmania Berry Farm Produce

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