Nestled in the heart of the historic Hobart waterfront, MACq01 is a luxury story hotel that combines premium accommodation with immersive, unforgettable storytelling.
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Located in the heart of Hobart's CBD and within walking distance of Salamanca and the waterfront pre...
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Islington was built in 1847. It is a very special, small, luxe hotel with a long history and a large...
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Henry Jones Art Hotel located on the one of Hobart's oldest waterfront warehouses.
Shutterbug Walkabouts is the brainchild of Roy & Coreena Vieth who have made several journeys to Tas...
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Historic Salamanca Place is home to one of Hobart's best attractions - the vibrant and bustling Sala...
You can stay at Mona - not in the museum (unless you're dead), but in our high-tech, super flash lux...
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Salamanca Markets - This famous outdoor market attracts thousands of locals and visitors every Satur...
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Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hobart
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Hobart Hotels


Hobart Hotels

Accommodation in Hobart

In Hobart you’re welcome to a four white-walled stay in a chain hotel. We have plenty of those. In fact, they seem plenty full. Delve a little deeper and there’s a place slipped away in the forested suburbs filled with hundreds of library books, the collection of a well-known writer. There’s hostels that are not for the average backpacker but instead offer a help-yourself veggie patch, views of the mountain and bikes for those with a penchant for riding to MONA. Go all out, and stay at the waterfront’s latest hotel, so close you can nearly cast a fishing line from the penthouse suite or settle for something in between. Then there’s the inner-city pillows and art hotel to rest your head. Take your pick.

Many hotels are centrally located downtown, allowing visitors to roam free and walk to top attractions, museums, and restaurants.

Useful Information and Getting Around

There’s plenty of ways to pop down to Hobart. Come by air to our ‘international airport’ but don’t expect there to be seventeen take offs in line when you land. Hobart International Airport is growing due to fierce demand but it’s not L.A. As with the joy of Tassie, only a 15 minute commute and you’ll be in the heart of Hobart. You can even post a letter at the GPO. There’s friendly bus drivers to deliver you to your accommodation and the cab fare to the city won’t break the bank for your trip to SalamancaMarket.

Alternatively, take the ferry from mainland Australia. The Spirit of Tasmania departs from Melbourne and arrives in Devonport. This little northwest town is well worth exploring. From there, head for Hobart via the Heritage Highway that will take just over 3 hours.

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