Map of Cradle Mountain

Interactive Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania  |  Wildlife and Natural Beauty

My map of Cradle Mountain will show you how remote a place this is. Cradle Mountain is one of the Iconic wilderness areas of Tasmania that is easily accessible by road as a day trip.

Overnight accommodation is also available at Cradle Mountain, and it can be reached on a day tour from Launceston.

This map of Cradle Mountain can be used with our driving directions to make a day trip of it from Launceston, visiting, Westbury, Hagley, Deloraine, Mole Creek, Wilmot, Sheffield and Elizabeth Town on the way.

Hotels in Cradle Mountain

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Tasmania’s Icon – Cradle Mountain  |  Map of Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain sits at the northern end of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. 

You can drive to the gates of the National Park, leave your car at the visitors Centre, and catch a shuttle (price included in your National Park entry fee) to Dove Lake and the beginnings of the trails around the Mountain.

Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Mountain and Dove Lake

There is no direct road from Cradle Mountain to lake St Clair. It is about 5 days walk on the Overland Track to get between the two.> Hotels in Cradle Mountain

If you want to drive, you will need to head back to Deloraine and then take the mountain roads (A5, B11, A10) past the Great Lake to Derwent Bridge. Zoom out on the map of Cradle Mountain to see the roads.

Day Drive from Launceston  |  Map of Cradle Mountain
If you are staying in Launceston, it takes about 2 hours to drive to Cradle Mountain, each way. You can make a loop of it after Deloraine.

Take the B12 road to Mole Creek and then the C136 Cethana Road to join the C132 Cradle Mountain Road to Cradle Valley. Turn right into the National Park. For full directions on taking the day drive from Launceston, see below.

Full Day Drive Directions: > Cradle Mountain Day Drive

Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Dove Lake Boatshed

Walks at Cradle Mountain  |  Map of Cradle Mountain
There are a number of easy one hour walks around the Visitor Centre and the Cradle Mountain Lodge. Longer walks are available inside the National Park.

When taking long walks in exposed areas, always be sure to register with the Visitors Centre. The weather can change with amazing speed iup on the Cradle Mountain plateau, so be prepared.

You are likely to see a lot of wildlife in the wild, particularly on the walks around Cradle Mountain Lodge. > Hotels in Cradle Mountain

Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Spotted Quoll

Climbing Cradle Mountain  |  Map of Cradle Mountain
If you wish to climb Cradle Mountain, take the left hand side of the Lake as you leave Lake Dove parking area.

Take the Lake Rodway track uphill as it follows along side the lake and up to the mountain. Pass behind Hansons Peak and Twisted Lakes before taking the Face Track, which turns off to the left and climbs steeply towards the summit.

Retrace your steps back along the Lake Rodway Track.As an alternative, take the Horse Track and the Overland Track back past Marion’s Lookout and Wombat Peak as it winds its way back towards Wombat Pool. Then walk around and rejoin the Lake Dove circuit track before coming back to the parking lot and toilets.  > Hotels in Cradle Mountain

Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Day Tour from Launceston

Day Tour to Cradle Mountain from Launceston  |  Map of Cradle Mountain
If you are not driving yourself, take the Day Tour to Cradle Mountain from Launceston. It will pick up at your hoetl and drop you off there at thhe end of the day.

There will be time for walks around Cradle Mountain Lodge and Dove Lake during the day. Also visit Sheffield.

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Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Visitors Centre

Three Day Tour Includes Cradle Mountain  |  Map of Cradle Mountain
The 3-Day Tasmania West Coast Tour from Hobart takes in Strahan, Cradle Mountain and Launceston. You can include Cradle Mountain in an exploration of the whole west Coast of Tasmania as you travel from Hobart to Launceston.

More Information and Bookings:
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Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

Hotels in Cradle Mountain  |  Map of Cradle Mountain
Most of the hotels at Cradle Mountain are near the Visitors Centre, not at the foot of the mountain. some have views of Cradle Mountain and some do not.

The most popular is Cradle Mountain Lodge, but it is also worth checking prices on the Cradle Mountain Chateau. There is also good accommodation at reasonable prices at Cradle Valley, about 20 minutes drive from the National Park.

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Map of Cradle Mountain Tasmania Cradle Mountain Chateau

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