Map of Bruny Island

Interactive Map of Bruny Island and the d’Entrecasteaux Channel

My map of Bruny Island will show you how to get there from Hobart.

Bruny Island is long and thin, running north to south down the coast of the area south of Hobart and forming the d’Entrecasteaux Channel between itself and the Tasmanian Mainland. It can be reached by car ferry.

Hotels in Bruny Island

Things to Look for  |  Map of Bruny Island

An Island near and Island  |  Map of Bruny Island
Bruny Island provides a sheltered waterway between itself and the Mainland of Tasmania. Known to locals as “the Channel” area, it was named after its discoverer, Admiral Bruny d’Entrecasteaux (Pron. Dont-re-cast-o).

The island was named Bruny, the channel, the d’ When driving from Hobart, take the A5 Southern Outlet road to Kingston, and then the B64 south to Kettering.

At Kettering, turn left to the Marina. This road finishes at the ferry terminal. It takes about an hour to drive to Kettering.  > Hotels in Bruny Island

Map of Bruny Island Tasmania Kettering and the d'Entrecasteaux Channel

Day Drive to Bruny Island from Hobart  |  Map of Bruny Island
There are some great walks, and some excellent scenery on Bruny Island. I give full directions for a day drive from Hobart on the site.

Full Day Drive Directions:  > Bruny Island Day Drive

Map of Bruny Island Tasmania Adventure Bay Beach

Adventure Bay  |  Map of Bruny Island
Map of Bruny Island Tasmania The Neck Isthmus
When you get off the Ferry, take the B66 Bruny Island Main Road south and cross the narrow neck of land dividing the northern and southern sections of the Island.

Make sure to take one of the walks up the sand dune lookouts on the Neck.

These are most unusual and provide a great view of the beach. Watch for the sign to the turn out parking.

Turn left onto Adventure Bay Road to visit the place where Captain William Bligh (yes, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) called in in 1788.

At the time he was in command of The Bounty – before the famous mutiny. The Bligh Museum at Adventure Bay is worth a look through.
Hotels in Bruny Island

Day Tour From Hobart  |  Map of Bruny Island
If you are not driving yourself, you can see most of Bruny Island in this excellent day tour. They will pick you up at the hotel, and drop you back after a day of sightseeing and adventure. This Day Tour includes the Adventure Cruise around some amazing coastal scenery.

More Information and Bookings:  > Full-Day Bruny Island Tour from Hobart

Map of Bruny Island Tasmania Day Tour Adventure Cruise

Hotels in Bruny Island  |  Map of Bruny Island
If you really want to lose yourself book a stay on Bruny Itself.  There is no through traffic on Bruny Island – if you miss the last ferry you are there for the night.

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Map of Bruny Island Tasmania Bruny Island Lighthouse

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