Hobart & Battery Point

The Capital City of the Island State

Hobart is the sea, and the sea is Hobart … it’s natural deepwater port is considered one of the best natural harbours in the world.

Established in 1803, Hobart is the second oldest capital city in Australia, being settled from Sydney.

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Originally colonised to provide accommodation for convicts, Hobart quickly became a commercial centre, whaling and sealing port and the gateway to the Mainland of Australia from the south.

Launceston, in Northern Tasmania, was settled from Hobart and it was from Launceston that John Batman crossed Bass Strait to settle Melbourne in 1835.

Hobart Tasmania City from Mount Wellington

Dominated by Mount Wellington and the Derwent Estuary, Hobart sprawls along the River, joined by the Tasman Bridge near the city centre, the Bowen Bridge 30 minutes to the north, and then by the Bridgewater Causeway at Granton where the Estuary narrows.  > Hotels in Hobart

Scenic valleys and dramatic hills make Hobart extremely picturesque, and offer spectacular views and great sightseeing opportunities.

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On arrival from the Airport, or from the north of Tasmania, the truly stunning views of the city, Mount Wellington, the Derwent River and Battery Point will really impress you.

Hobart really does live up to its reputation for scenery. If you are traveling alone or want a good introduction to the city, book on the Hobart Hop-On Hop-Off Bus.

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Battery Point

Battery Point was established as a gun battery in 1818 to protect Hobart’s southern approaches, and quickly became a fashionable area in which to live. 

Many of the stone cottages, pubs, warehouses and winding roads date from before the 1900’s and have been wonderfully preserved. This slice of Australian colonial history is as authentic as you can get!  

If you choose accommodation in or near Battery Point or Salamanca Place you will have done well.

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Hobart Tasmania Battery Point

Battery Point can be easily visited as a walking tour from Salamanca Place – look for Kelly’s Steps between the warehouses on the waterfront, or climb the hill on the southern end of Salamanca Place.

As you leave Salamanca Place, turn right uphill past Lenna of Hobart – well worth staying at, or dropping in for a drink at the Chandelier Lounge Bar for a real touch of authentic colonial style. > Hotels in Battery Point

Continue on through Arthur’s Circus with its quaint cottages, and then the short distance to Hampden Road, the heart of Battery Point itself.

If you wish to stay in Battery Point, or close to Salamanca Place and the Docks area, it is very wise to book your accommodation before arrival.

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Hobart Tasmania Arthur Circus Battery Point

Salamanca Place, Salamanca Market and the Docks – Hobart Tasmania

As the port of Hobart developed in the early 1800’s, the waterfront area beside Battery Point was quarried out for building material.

The rubble was used to create a wharf and into the resulting space was built an imposing set of conjoined warehouses, creating the Salamanca Place precinct. > Hobart Tours & Activities  > Hotels in Hobart

The warehouses have been wonderfully preserved and have been renovated into quality shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes, accommodation and offices. There is also an excellent mini-supermarket on Salamanca Place.

Salamanca Markets

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At the north end of Salamanca Place are the Houses of Parliament, the seat of Tasmania’s State Government, and directly opposite, at the city end of Salamanca Place are the Supreme Law Courts and the lovely St David’s Park.

The park is situated on the site of the first cemetery for the colony, and has many of the tombstones of the first settlers, as well as those of some settlers who arrived on the First Fleet in 1788.

The fine old trees and the landscaping make the park well worth visiting.

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Hobart Tasmania Salamanca Market

For 30 years, Tasmanian artisans, craftsmen, entertainers, artists and vendors have set out their offerings at the Salamanca Place Market, held in the cobblestoned area in front of the warehouses every Saturday.

The Market is a must, and it is worth arranging your schedule to be there on the Saturday, if interested.

The quality of the items for sale is excellent and you will find much that is unique to Tasmania, including fine gourmet Tasmanian food, Huon Pine woodcraft and many other handmade items, including Tasmanian woollen works.

Apartments on Salamanca Place and the Docks – Hobart Tasmania

For apartment accommodation very near Salamanca Place, I suggest you look at Somerset on the Pier for an interesting conversion of a Pier to a hotel.

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Hobart Tasmania Apartment Somerset on the Pier

The Quest Waterfront is well located near Parliament House at the northern end of Salamanca Place, and Salamanca Terraces, at the southern end of Salamanca Place will put you in a great position for the Salamanca Market.

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